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About the Innovative Research Technology & Dr. John's Pee Pee

Way back in 1998 Innovative Research Technology, Inc. introduced the first commercially available urine substitution device to the public: The Urinator.

It was an innovative marvel that made many stand up and take notice. Since its inception 'the substitution method' of passing a urine test has become the standard. You need to know that at the time of its invention the only products on the market created to pass urine tests were drinks (to flush yourself out) or additives (to spike a sample).

Again, those unreliable options were the only choices consumers had until The Urinator was created.

"We were just a couple of guys who thought we were onto something,
but we had no idea the demand was so high."

As you can imagine, once the product hit the market, we were immediately pulled into many of the top rated publications for interviews and feature pieces including High Times Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine, Play Boy, Pent House, The Guardian, Sacramento Heat newspaper and many more.

The public responded by selling us out. We were just a couple of guys who thought we were onto something, but we had no idea the demand was so high. Now it’s 20+ years later and the demand is as strong as ever. We’ve built a brand that we can be proud of. We’ve provided our customers with a product they can rely on and customer service that always puts them first.

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All about the Urine…

In early 1999 the only types of synthetic urine on the market were powdered. The problem with powdered synthetic urine is that it tends to clot and not dissolve into water very easily. A potential nightmare we refused to ask our customers to deal with.

Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee

So we went back to the drawing board and developed the FIRST liquid synthetic urine in the world. Yeah we did! Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee just came to life, and life was good.

Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee

The number one selling synthetic urine in the world

To this day Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee is the number one selling synthetic urine in the world and continues to beat out the competition.

When other companies are having to re-formulate their synthetic urine to keep up with new laboratory techniques and testing procedures. We have NEVER had to change a thing. We did it right the first time and our reputation has continued to stay strong.

Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee wasn't just branded under our name, but many names. So, if you’ve ever purchased concentrated liquid synthetic urine then there is a 99% chance it was manufactured by us.

Please don't confuse concentrated liquid synthetic urine with liquid synthetic urine, they are completely different products and have completely different success rates. As far as our success rate... the bottom line is this:

  • We don't have failures... that's for the other guys.
  • The Urinator makes no claims that it cannot deliver.
  • The reusability of this product is unparalleled. After 20+ years in the business, some of our customers have actually handed down their Urinators from generation to generation.  

We actually know of one case that it was even 'willed' to another person after the original owner died. We’ve been here a long time and some of the original Urinators are still going strong to this day!

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Last update: 07.08.2019