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Synthetic Pee

For the best possible results when using fake urine you want to use what is called a Synthetic Substitute, which is a urine sample produced in a lab. There are only a few High Quality synthetic pee substitutes on the market. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell the difference with all the cheaper lesser quality options flooding the market.

The difference between our fake pee product and theirs is that it's harder and more expensive to do it right. Since 1998, our approach has been to push the science of producing a quality fake urine as far as it will go to create a synthetic urine that exactly mimics the real thing, so much that no test can ever tell the difference.

That approach has kept us at the very top of our industry because as tests evolve to catch the lesser quality urine substitutes our synthetic pee product, 'Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee' continues to prove its quality..

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Synthetic urine questions

How long does synthetic urine last?

The synthetic urine that we sell, Dr. John's Synthetic Urine, has a shelf life of one year in the concentrated state.

How to store a urine sample overnight

Does Fake Urine have to be stored in the refrigerator?

No, the synthetic pee does not have to be refrigerated. The best place to store your synthetic urine is in a dark place like a drawer. You can keep it for up to one year in the concentrated state. However, once you mix it with water, you'll want to use it that day. If you want to store it overnight, refrigerate it and then keep it for a maximum of a day or two before you throw it out.

How much Urine do I need for a test?

The Urinator will hold about 3-1/2 ounces of liquid. This is more than enough for any genetic test. You want to use enough for the sample to look like a natural amount of urine so we recommend using around 2 to 3 ounces for your test.

I wasn't tested Today. Can you reuse synthetic urine?

Once you have mixed your fake urine sample, try to use it that day as mixing it reduces shelf life. However, if that's not possible, you can refrigerate it for up to 48 hours. Then you'll want to warm it up before putting it back into The Urinator.

Dr John's fake pee, a synthetic urine used for The Urinator device
Other Synthetic urine FAQs

Understanding Urine Lab Testing...

In 2005, many labs started realizing that synthetic pee products were passing their tests in growing numbers. So, to correct that, some testing facilities started looking for the chemical Glycoprotein Immunoglobulin G (IgG), which is only present in humans. At that point, knowing how to make fake urine became that bit more difficult. In fact, the change did so much to thin out the number of fake urines that could fool the lab tests, that there have only been a few other changes since.

The Scary truth about many testing facilities is they choose to ignore the Federal Guidelines put in place for all testing of urine. There is currently no guideline in place for smell, foam or odor. Several things could cause none to be present so any lab that takes those factors into consideration are failing a sample for no justifiable reason.
Simply put - No laboratory should check for smell, foam or color. However, there are MANY that do.

You would think that there would be absolute requirements but the fact is that is the furthest from the truth. It appears that there are many laboratories throughout the U.S.A. that seem to make up their own rules and do NOT follow Federal Guidelines.

There are also laboratories that check for IgG. Regardless of what any other website tells you, if you do end up being test by one of these labs and you're NOT using Dr. John’s Synthetic pee then you will fail... Period.

How do we know? Well, we are in the business of urine testing so we like to do a lot of testing of our own. You know what we found?

Beware of Fakes...

We purchased and tested a large sample set of various synthetic urines available to the consumer and time and again we've found that only one actually contains IgG. Want to guess who? The product was Dr. John's Synthetic Urine, the product we developed to here at Innovative Research Technology, Inc.

Many companies selling synthetic urine state that it is impossible to stabilize IgG in a synthetic pee sample. Well, we did the impossible a long time ago which is why our fake pee is so reliable. Your just have to know what you are doing.

Other companies state that some of their samples have a uric acid update added.

They should have had uric acid in the product before they ever sold the first sample.

Be aware that many companies selling synthetic urine will tell their customers that rarely do labs test for IgG so you should be fine... UNLESS your sample is 'unlucky' enough to be randomly checked for IgG. Then if IgG isn't present in your pee sample, you will fail. They're pushing their low quality product onto you and asking you to take the chance. That's an unacceptable amount of risk in our opinion. We don't believe something like this should ever be left to chance and we would NEVER ask you to take that risk.

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Beware of Choices...

There are also companies that have had to ‘update’ their fake urine as many as 7 different times. Any company that has had to update their urine formula more than one time in the last ten years has not done a very good job, and should be avoided. That approach alone should make you question their knowledge of the industry and definitely quality of the product. If it's that good what's the point of having to update a working product?  What if you choose wrong? Do you fail the test?!

Again, you're here to ensure that you pass the pee test. We are here to give you that Guarantee.

We believe that All synthetic urines should be produced with enough quality to pass ANY type of urine test. It's not your job to know what type of test you'll be required to pass. It's our job to give you a fake urine product that will allow you to handle any test thrown at you. And that's what you get with Dr. John's Famous Pee Pee!

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Last update: 13.01.2022