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Synthetic Urine 'Belt' For Fake Pee

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Fake pee 'belt'. Showing the fake urine kit with digital temperature regulation element for the synthetic urine in the pouchThe Urinator has been on the market for over twenty-one years and is a digitally temperature controlled fake pee kit which comes with Dr John's Synthetic urine. Some call them synthetic urine belts but the Urinator, rather than a belt, is a cleverly designed pouch and temperature control unit which is easily concealed about your person, with a proven track record in urine testing over the last twenty-one years. It allows you to use synthetic, or fake urine, for your urine tests and keeps your private information, well, private. Take your test with confidence knowing you can keep your urine to yourself and avoid unnecessary genetic testing of your pee!

There are things you totally rely on for a fake pee belt or pouch to deliver urine for a successful test. These are:
  1. The belt’s urine storage pouch

  2. The synthetic urine itself

  3. Equally important to the urine used: the temperature control ability of the urine storage belt

Let’s take a look at each of these parts of the belt in turn

1) The urine storage

You need a reliable way to store urine that also allows easy delivery of the sample under pressured test conditions.

Although relatively simple in design, the Urinator’s urine storage pouch is robust and easily filled, with a flow control so that you know your urine won’t leak and is ready for delivery to the test when you need it.

In fact, it is so well engineered that we know original units are still being used many years after purchase and at least one that has been put in a will! Coming with a measuring syringe and its own supply of fake urine when you buy direct from the manufacturer, this is the kit of choice if you want to pass your test knowing you have a reliable device. When looking for a fake pee belt, as yourself whether it has this sort of track record - you only have to read our reviews to see for yourself.

Is the belt or pouch easy to fill?

Will you be able to prepare your synthetic pee belt when you’re under pressure? You can watch our instructional video, below to see how easy the Urinator is to use. Tried and tested, it’s made as simple to use under pressure as possible, so you don’t have to worry about getting it right when taking your test.

Does the belt allow discrete storage and access when you need it?

Some fake urine ‘belts’ on the market have prosthetics with them that may make them rather bulky and unwieldy - this may look especially odd when used by a woman - and where there will be an inevitable extra bulge. The Urinator’s pouch tucks away discretely and is easily stored and ready when you need it. Thousands of happy customers are a testament to how easy it is to use and how successful under stressful conditions.

Is the belt’s urine storage easily cleanable and reusable?

You need to be able to keep the urine clean and hygienic to use and The Urinator’s storage can be flushed with clean water to rinse out the used synthetic urine and keep your unit functioning well. The kit comes with a Syringe both for filling a measured amount of concentrated fake urine and water and also for cleaning the unit after use.

How long will it last?

The Urinator has been made so well that we have customers from over twenty years ago using their original units.

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2) What Urine are you using in your fake pee belt?

Using the best urine is extremely important. There are several choices – synthetic urine, pre mixed, concentrated, powdered and using someone else’s urine. To go into this fully, see our ‘synthetic urine explained’ section. Our synthetic urine, Dr John’s Pee Pee, was developed by a real medical doctor in lab conditions and is so good that the recipe hasn’t changed in twenty-one years, apart from some slight color changes made simply to throw off the labs from recognising a consistent sample color.

3) Does the belt or pouch keep the urine warm? 

This is an essential part of the design of a pee belt or pouch if it’s designed for urine testing. Labs will look at the temperature as the first test that’s done when a urine sample is given and If the sample isn’t within the correct range the sample will be rejected. 

Synthetic Urine 'Belt' kit $169.95 with two free urine samples included.
Contains a Urinator Device (rather than a belt, is a cleverly designed pouch and temperature control unit which is easily concealed about your person), with EIGHT free samples Doctor John's Pee, a  filling syringe, instruction manual and 2 temperature strips). NB: Free samples do NOT apply for certain states - see cart for details.

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Date Added: Friday 28 February, 2020 by Belinda--WA
Would love to meet you all and shake your hands!! I am finally back to work and feeling positive about my future!! Deepest appreciation for you guys and the URINATOR!! Keeping people working that actually want to.
Date Added: Sunday 15 December, 2019 by Bill-OR
Thanks guys!!! Got a job and back on the right track!!
Date Added: Wednesday 02 October, 2019 by Dennis AZ
Wasn’t real sure about how well the fake pee would do, but had no choice. Sweated it until the next morning when I got the call to come in for final interview. I am telling all my friends what to get now!
Date Added: Friday 06 September, 2019 by Teresa WY
Took me a few to figure it out, but once I did, it was great!! Passed my UA!!
Date Added: Monday 15 July, 2019 by Terry (TN)
Still working thank to your URINATOR. It really works…was so surprised. will never doubt you guys again.
Date Added: Saturday 18 May, 2019 by Chris, NY
Was bigger than expected…but worked flawlessly. You guys kick ass!!
Date Added: Sunday 03 March, 2019 by Barry-UT
Have bought a lot of crap out there, nice to finally get the one that worked.
Date Added: Wednesday 13 February, 2019 by Drema-SC
Very impressed…had my doubts, but it nailed it!! Onward to a better job, thanks for a product that actually does what it says.
Date Added: Tuesday 20 November, 2018 by Dave - CA
My dad actually told me about you guys. He said he had been using for years…never knew you were out there. Goes to show, father knows best!! LOL!! Dave-CA
Date Added: Sunday 14 October, 2018 by Devon - AL
Keep up the great work.
Date Added: Friday 05 January, 2018 by Sherri-OH
Who knew?? Wish I would have known about you guys sooner!! Definitely a customer for life.
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