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Can hand warmers make urine too hot?

The simple answer is yes, hand warmers can make the urine sample too hot if you're using it for a urine test. If you’re using a hand warmer, sometimes known as an organic heat pad, in order to heat a urine sample for a urine test, these are not reliable for getting the temperature right. Other than constantly checking the sample’s temperature, there is nothing stopping the urine becoming overheated and even this is not guaranteed. Luckily for you, you're at the right place to find out how to keep urine warm without hand warmers.

How hot do hand warmers get?

As you can see from the video below, handwarmers tend to get pretty hot - we measured the heat pad using a digital thermometer and it was is running at 116.3 degrees. This will of course vary with the speed of the reation and other factors.

The following video shows the fake pee heat pads in action versus a proper, digitally controlled electronic urine warmer, sometimes also called a fake pee kit, that regulates the temperature to show you the difference in control of temperature between the two.

The best alternative to handwarmers

The Urinator is your best choice to use instead of a handwarmer. It's a one of a kind, state of the art, electronic urine-warming device that will help you pass a urine test by maintaining testing temperature for a minimum of four hours with one set of batteries.

The kit is reusable and reliable. In fact, nothing on the market can even touch it! This product has proven itself time and time against every test that's thrown at it.

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See what our customers say:

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The Urinator electronic urine warming kit - the best alternative to handwarmers

Hand warmers do not control temperature, they just warm things up!

Why aren’t hand warmers suitable for heating urine. The first thing to realize is that a hand warmer is designed to be just that, a hand warmer, rather than a urine heating pad. It’s a heat source that works very well for the purpose for which it was designed. It was not, however designed as a temperature regulator, but as something to give you heat as you need it. Because it is not required to maintain an exact temperature, it has no method of regulating the temperature properly, and you have no control over the heat given or how long it lasts.

Seven reasons hand warmers can make urine too hot or too cool.

Because the heat source is a chemical reaction, and there is no regulation of the temperature, you have no way of accurately controlling the temperature of the urine as it depends entirely upon:

  1. How long it has been next to the heat pad.

  2. How long the hand warmer has been heating – it will gain temperature rapidly and then decline over time as the chemical reaction slows down, making the sample either too hot or too cool for the urine test for the majority of the time.

  3. How close it is to the urine sample – do you have the hand warmer directly touching the sample or is it in padding or is there material between it and the sample.

  4. How much oxygen gets to the reaction -  for instance in your pocket or down your pants there may be a variable amount of oxygen needed for the heating reaction to take place

  5. The room temperature – is it particularly hot or cold in the room already?

  6. Your temperature and how close you keep the sample.

  7. The initial temperature of the urine sample – is it already at room temperature or is it cold?

For these reasons, you're better off knowing how to keep urine warm without hand warmers. Take a look at our digital urine warming device, The Urinator, for your urine testing needs. It also comes with the industry standard in synthetic urine and is the fake pee heating pad of choice, if you want the correct temperature for your urine sample.

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The following is the video transcript:

Okay and here we go and… [The video shows: an initial temperature is taken to show the temperature of the urine in the Urinator, which is running at 98 degrees on the first measurement.]

Okay, so what we’re going to do here, is we’re going to look at and take a look, this is one of the heat pads [hand warmers] you can get in any department store. They tend to run pretty hot. We’ll see if I can get in front of the camera for you, we’ll take a look, we’ll see. [measures the heat pad in front of the camera with a digital heat recording device] Right now that is running at 116.3 degrees. A urine sample over a hundred degrees is a guaranteed fail. Even if you handed one in at 100 degrees IT’S SUSPECT. Most samples come in at about 94 to 96 degrees, whenever you hand one in.

Digital electronics on the other hand will lock it in at 98 degrees. If you bother to spend the money and do the research, you’ll see that the Urinator is by far the best product on the market, because just the fact that it will lock the temperature in. [The video shows: the temperature measured on the digital temperature measure at 97.9 degrees] Your temperature will always come in right. And the reason why is that you’re using batteries, you have a heat source, and probably it gets as warm as this [Video shows: pointing to the organic heat pad] but the difference is that it has a brain. It knows when to cut it on and off, and that’s what this does. Right now, the temperature is where it should be, and it will cut itself on and off to make sure that the temperature stays at 98. This [The video shows him: picking hand warmer up] doesn’t have a brain; it doesn’t know any better, it just keeps warming the sample up.

So, if you look at that dream job, or you found a dream job, or you want to keep your dream job, if it’s a really important test, digital electronics is really the only way to go to ensure you’re going to end up with results that are going to be favourable for you.

[End of transcript]


Last update: 16.11.2021