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Digital electronic urine warmer & Synthetic Urine Frequently Asked Questions

The questions you need to know about The Urinator, our electronic digital urine warmer, and fake pee.  Click on the questions to be taken straight to the answers. If you have any other questions not answered here, call us on 800-395-1694, use our website chat or you can use the contact form or email.
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What does The Urinator look like? How big is it exactly?

The Urinator is about the size of a checkbook. It consists of a fluid bag, electronic heater and digital computer chip that monitors the temperature of the fluid in the bag. These contents are all secured inside a cloth pouch, which has Velcro on all sides. It's easy to conceal. The electronic components are designed to function for 10,000 hours of constant use so it's built to last.

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How and where do I attach The Urinator to my body?

The general rule is to decide what works best for you. Most people put The Urinator down their pants, between their legs and then pull the tube out or the whole pack at the time of the test. You can also tape it to your torso and women have the option to put it in their bra. The Urinator doesn't have any straps or attachments, which keeps it compact and easy hidden.

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Does The Urinator clean DNA from your urine?

No, The Urinator is a substitution device that uses synthetic urine concentrate.

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Your site says you can only use Duracell batteries with The Urinator aren't all batteries the same?

This company has no stock in the Duracell ā„¢ Corporation. However, for the purpose of using The Urinator, these batteries are the only ones that will make the product function properly. It's just how the device was built. You don't have to use the Ultra Duracell ā„¢ because it won't give you any extra time with the unit.

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How long does it take warm up urine using The Urinator?

The thing to understand is that The Urinator urine warmer is actually designed to be a heat maintenance unit. So, if you start with a liquid basically at body temperature (between 95 and 100), The Urinator will take about 15 to 20 minutes to stabilize and then will maintain that temperature at 98 degrees for a minimum of four hours.

The takeaway here is that you NEED to start with the liquid warm for the best results. If you start the unit with fluid that has a temperature under 70 degrees you'll have to replace the batteries before the fluid will get to body temperature.

As a matter of fact, you can start with fluid warmer than 98 degrees and The Urinator will actually monitor the temperature and not turn itself on until the temperature drops to 98.

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Can I use someone else's urine in The Urinator?

Yes, that will work just fine to pass a lab test with. However, please keep in mind that you need to know if that person has any medical conditions or a history of genetic defects.

Having someone else's genetic defects come up in your lab work can also cause more harm than good long term.

Urine also carries ALL the same warnings as blood!

Health conditions can be transmitted through urine like other body fluids. Yes, that includes hepatitis, STD's and exposure to other potentially harmful infections that can spread through the handling of a friend's sample.

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How long does urine stay warm?

Urine will rapidly drop in temperature once it has left the body and will be in the right temperature range for approximately four minutes.

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Does gender matter when it comes to testing urine?

Everyone has heard the joke of the guy coming up pregnant. Even though that situation is extremely unlikely, hormone levels do vary greatly depending on many different conditions and situations. Scientifically speaking gender is not a normal consideration when it comes to testing urine as both sexes essentially have the same urine.

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If something happens with my test and I fail, can I get my money back?

If you know how to use The Urinator and have new Duracell ā„¢ batteries and a clean sample, it's virtually impossible to fail a test! We've been doing this since 1998 and we've never seen a failed test due to the quality of our product.

The synthetic urine concentrate that we provide is absolutely free of any genetic defects. That being said, we do provide a money back guarantee to our customers who purchase The Urinator.

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Why would I need The Urinator? Can't I just put urine in a bottle or bag and keep it warm with my body or a heat pack?

When you hand over your urine sample it needs to be between somewhere between 91 and 98 degrees. Keeping liquids at body temperature with just body warmth can be very difficult to do. Some people do run warmer than normal and can successfully do this but it's very rare. Some people try and use organic heat packs to maintain temperature. These can also be tricky and can easily malfunction (getting to warm or not heating up enough). With The Urinator, a digital computer chip is set to keep your sample at 98 degrees.

To be clear, there are 2 things required for you to pass a lab urine test using substitution.

1. You need to have a quality urine sample.

2. The urine sample NEEDS to be the right temperature. It's the first thing tested. If the temperature is off - they'll throw out your sample and you'll fail.

The Urinator gives you the freedom to NOT worry if your sample is too hot or too cold because it does the thinking for you. Do you really want to stress about the failing the lab test because it's the wrong temperature?

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Where can I find more out about more about synthetic urine

We have a section on synthetic urine which covers the facts for you.

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Do you ship throughout the USA?

We ship throughout the USA, apart from sorry, no AR, IL, PA, NJ, MD, KY, OK, RI, VA sales.

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Do you ship internationally?

Sorry but no international sales.

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Last update: 20.11.2019