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How To Make Fake Urine / Synthetic Urine

Normal urine composition contains a number of chemicals, these include the following:

Chemical present in urine
Approximate concentration
9.3 g/dL
0.670 g/ L
1.17 g/L
0.750 g/L
1.87 g/L

Making fake pee – synthetic urine - is extremely difficult to do, unless you rely upon the existing premixed synthetic and other urine products that are out there made for this purpose. Here are the most popular options used:

You have several options for production of synthetic urine.

The usual and more straight-forward option when you're looking at how to make your own synthetic urine, is to use concentrated synthetic urine or to find a premixed urine or powdered urine. The second and very difficult option is to actually manufacture fake pee yourself.
Concentrated synthetic urine in vials ready for premixing with water when preparing a urine sample

Below is a video explaining the options you have for either producing synthetic urine yourself or mixing / using synthetic urine from manufacturers. We have run through the different options and pros and cons of each.

Below is a video transcript from the above:

Today we’re going over basically making synthetic urine and the types of synthetic urine on the market. You have three types of synthetic urines. You have
  • Powdered

  • Concentrated synthetic and

  • Premixed
The powders you have to really stay away from if you can help it because they tend to clump. If you end up with a clump of play doe in your pocket it’s pretty hard to make it mix. The other thing is how long you’ve got to stir it for and things like that.

The second product on the market, as you see, is a concentrated liquid. They mix in, they’ve been on the market . This concentrated liquid here is Dr John’s Famous Pee Pee, made by Innovative Research; it’s been on the market for over twenty years now.

The other one is the pre mixed urine. If you start looking at urines and you want to find out what’s good and what’s bad it’s very confusing because there’s so much misinformation; that every company is touting that theirs is the best.

Look at the history.

Just look how long they have they have a history of. This company that makes the (powdered) synthetic urine has only been on the market for four or five years I think, so it’s not really long enough to really get a track record.

This (Dr John’s Pee Pee) has been on the market for over twenty-one years and it’s the oldest standing synthetic urine on the market, of liquid for sure, and for the pre mix, that also it’s been on the market for quite a long time.

But if you go through and start looking at all of the different products, that you’re going to see here, start looking for updates.

Have they had to change the formula?

If some of them have had four, five and six different variations of formula, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. If it says on the box ‘contains uric acid’ ‘contains urea’ it should have contained that to start with. There’s no reason why companies should have to go in later and add it. Innovative Research’s synthetic urine contained Uric acid and urea from the very beginning twenty-one years ago. It also contains a lot of other things that a lot of other synthetics do not carry.

There are labs that are out there that go way beyond what the standard testing protocol is. They go out on their own and try to figure out how figure out if something’s synthetic .
Some labs even go as far as to smell it. If a lab goes as far as to smell urine, since there isn’t a machine that does it and its just a human that has  to smell the urine, that lab and is breaking all protocols and is not being very scientific. Even though a lab should be specifically scientific; that’s all they should do. But they’re not; you have to watch out for labs.
There’s stuff that Innovative Research has put into their urine that is in no one else’s urine that I’m aware of and that has kept us from ever having to do updates.  If you start looking at other ones, I can’t speak for them, I do know they seem to have a lot of updates. 

So when you’re looking for a track record, look at the history of the product, see how long they’ve been on the market, how long they’ve been out there. Don’t just go by the hype of what they say:
  • Everyone says they have the best synthetic.

  • Everyone says they’ve been on the market the longest.

  • Everyone says they’ve sold more than anyone.

Look at their history.

When you look at their history that basically will tell you the truth and where to go. If you plan on trying to make Synthetic urine I would suggest that you go into it as a business. Because you will spend so much money buying the lab equipment , getting everything prepared, you might as well just go into try to make your own one and sell it, because it’s that expensive. 

And as you can see these are companies that have been on the market, some of these companies have been on the market for I know at least ten years and they’re still doing updates to their synthetic, so there isn’t an exact answer to all of it.

I do know that I can speak for a fact that Innovative Research does not have any updates. I can speak for a fact on powdered urine as far as clumping and having problems with dissolving them in time.

And as far as the premixed goes, you have again to watch for the updates.

If you plan on making your own urine

Expect  to do a lot of research, do a lot of homework, buy a lot of equipment and it will be trial and error for a long time before you probably get it right. That’s all I have to say, I would suggest against making your own, and buying it from a quality source.

End of transcript.

Is making synthetic urine possible for the layperson?

In summary, in order to produce fake pee, or synthetic urine yourself, you would need not only to add uric acid, but also other ingredients that are often difficult to reproduce and which are tested in the lab. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that you’ll need your own lab and the level of testing and expense you’ll require to do the job properly means that you may as well start producing the urine to sell were you to go down this route.


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