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Do labs test for synthetic urine?

The first test labs do is for the correct urine temperature and then yes, labs can tell the difference between real and synthetic urine, so it is important that you use a high quality synthetic urine in order to pass the lab test.

Video transcript:

This is innovative research technology, the makers of the Urinator and Dr John’s famous Pee pee. We have some frequently asked questions that people have asked over the last 27 years, we’ve been in business since 1998, and we’re going to try to answer them pretty quick.

Do labs test for synthetic urine? Absolutely they do, because there are so many synthetic urines on the market and some of them are made so terrible, sometimes the specific gravity’s off the creatinine level’s off. There‘s a lot of different components.

It’s been pretty obvious that some of them are having problems; some companies are having problems with the urea and with uric acid. Innovative Research’s Dr John’s famous pee pee, has never had that problem, because ours has contained urea and uric acid since 1998. It’s been on the market that long and we put it in from the beginning so we never had that update.

So, like I said, be careful what you’re looking for when you’re buying synthetics, look at their history, see if they’ve had updates. If they have to do updates, there’s obviously something wrong somewhere.

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Last update: 13.01.2022