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How Do I Know The concentrate You Sell Is Good?

Thatís easy.  The samples we sell are synthetic (they do not contain human urine).  That means it is made in a laboratory.  The ingredients are from natural chemicals without the concerns about diseases.


If I Have A Friend Pee For Me, Can I Put That In The Urinator?

Yes, of course.  Using someone elseís urine in The Urinator is an excellent idea.  But please keep in mind that you should know if they have any medical conditions or a history genetic defects.  Also, many health conditions can be transmitted through urine like other body fluids.  You need to be concerned about contracted hepatitis, STDís and exposure to possible urinary tract infection spread through a friendís sample.


How Long Does Urine Last?

The synthetic concentrate that we sell has a shelf-life of one year in the concentrated state.   


Does Synthetic Concentrate Have To Be Stored In The Refrigerator?

No.  The synthetic concentrate does not have to be refrigerated.  The best place to keep your synthetic concentrate is in a dark place like a drawer.  You can keep it on your body for up to one year in the concentrated state.  Once you mix it with water, you will want to use it that day or refrigerate it for a day or two and then throw it out. 


How Much Urine Do I Need For A Test?

The Urinator will hold about 3-1/2 ounces of liquid.  This is more than enough for any genetic test.


I Was Not Tested Today, Can I Use My Mixed Synthetic Concentrate Tomorrow?

Once you have mixed your synthetic sample, try to use it that day.  If that is not possible, refrigerate it and warm it up before putting it back into The Urinator.

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